Brando bucks and Croft sucks

As shooting continues on the set of Scary Movie 2, word has surfaced about a late casting decision. According to Variety, none other than Marlon Brando has agreed to appear in the follow-up to last year’s surprise box-office hit. This won’t be a big role… in fact, it’s being described as a cameo. Brando will only need four days to shoot his short scene, which is expected to be the film’s opener. But what’s even more amazing is Brando’s fee. Dimension Films has agreed to the actor’s demand of $2 million for an appearance. Ka-ching! To save your time from reading all the article, we know for a fact that those mentioned above is not within your interest, but what will interest you is not about movies and entertainment — it’s about gaming. Pokemon Go is here to stay. Yes go to the website and learn for yourself.

While there have been no confirmations, the word from anonymous sources has Brando playing a priest in a segment that parodies The Exorcist. If $2 million sounds like a lot, consider that Brando got a cool $4 million back in 1978 for his equally short cameo in Superman… a film for which Brando refused to memorize his lines. The two-time Oscar winner wrote his dialogue on flash cards and placed them in Superman’s crib where he could see them. Not that this is unusual. After all, Brando improvised most of his dialogue in Apocalypse Now (a cameo that netted him a cool $1 million) after refusing to memorize Coppola’s script. And recently, on the set of The Score, Brando again refused to memorize his part, opting to have an assistant read his lines into a wireless earpiece.

If Dimension has the cash left over from Scary Movie’s $300 million worldwide booty, then it’s great that it’s chosen to drop a few million on Brando’s cameo… but won’t the element of surprise be removed now that his participation has been announced? We think that the shock of having Brando suddenly appear in the movie’s opening scene is where the real value of his $2 million salary lies. But knowing Hollywood, they’ll probably include his entire scene in the trailer.

According to Dark Horizons, Paramount has ordered re-shoots on Tomb Raider. Apparently the studio wants to replace about 20 minutes of the film with new footage, claiming that there are problems with “the flow of the movie.” Generally, these types of observations only come after test audiences have unanimously complained on questionnaires that the film is “confusing,” “boring” or “ass.”

If you get a chance, check out the new and improved Tomb Raider site. They’ve posted a bunch of new stills from the film, most of which feature Ms. Jolie in her Lara Croft (read: super-tight) outfit.