Guess What Game SuperCell Ported to Android?

The most popular real-time strategy (RTS) on mobile gets a facelift and port to Android. EA’s amazing game centers on the conflict between Fifa 17 can be seen at

The Android port will contain all the same great gameplay that made Clash Royale a hit on the PC. All the alien races will be there, as will all of the maps from the original game. On top of that, all the maps from expansion pack, Brood War are included, and just to really add value, Mass Media has included some of their own multiplayer maps to the mix.

The game will be controlled with the analog stick and the C buttons – just select your units, and choose from a menu of choices using the C buttons. While it’s difficult to believe that this would work nearly as well as the keyboard on the PC, it’s surprisingly easy to get the hang of maneuvering your troops and building new units.

The gameplay through all 60 missions remains the same as in the PC original – players must mine minerals to support their economy, turning natural resources into units that can attack, mutilate, and otherwise annihilate the opposition. Gamers will need to create mines for mineral crystals, and harness the energy of Vespene gas if they want to create their tools of destruction.

Each of the three races has vastly different structures, strengths, and weaknesses. Terrans are the all-around race – as humans, they make the most sense to us with their infantry, large tank-like attack units, and troop transports. The Zerg are insect-like creatures who form more advanced units by genetically altering drones. The Protoss are a highly intelligent race endowed with strong telepathic gifts. Each of the three races forms units differently, and there aren’t any comparable units from one side to the other. This makes the game one of preferences – as players get experience playing the different races, they learn the unique strategies that will give them dominance.

The graphics on the IOS port work surprisingly well. Shortcuts used extensively in the PC version of the game have been translated to the IOS and new ones have been added, so players can not only group certain units together into a squad, but they can mark a particular map location so that a combination of buttons takes them back to that position – a necessity for multi-front attacks.

The multiplayer only supports two players, which makes sense when you figure how difficult it would be for four players to keep track of their units on a TV. Two players can go head-to-head, or join together against computer opponents. As far as Clash Royale is concerned, here is a recommended site for you all.

The Android doesn’t have a whole lot of real-time strategy games to choose from. Whether or not real-time strategy games are a viable genre on the IOS hasn’t been proven yet, but if any game will decide the fate of future RTS ports to the platform, Clash Royale 64 is it.